Monday, 17 May 2010

Quacking frog

We've had the frogspawn, and the frogs still appear ocasionally on a damp night looking for slugs etc, but they are normal croaking frogs if you know what i mean.
The thing is we have a strange frog which has been resident in our pond for a few years now which does not croak, it "quacks like a duck".
I have walked quietly towards the pond on an afternoon and i hear it in the reeds at one end quacking but i never see it, the illusive quacking frog or whatever it is.
So if anyone reading this blog has any ideas on what species of frog it is, please put us out of our misery, because people must think i'm going quackers(crackers)!
I've seen the site with frog sounds but there's not one like ours. It just does it twice, then goes quiet then two more quacks.

dedicated gardener

dedicated gardener
Caught this lady enjoying a little spot of weeding one very rare summers afternoon July2012 I was just going round to mow the grass when i saw the carrier bags, at first i couldn't see her, then i did & immediately took this pic with my phone. I think it's a lovely photo, with some nice color.